Recording : Analog Set-up

Api 500 Rack series EQ+Mic Amplifiers

Manley Variable MU Limiter Compressor

Focusrite ff 220 session pack

TLA 5001 series Mk2 Microphone Amplifiers

Urei 545 Equalizers

Summit tla-100 compressor

TLA 5021 2 channel Tube Compressors

16 Focurite Microphone Amplifiers ( digidesign control 24 )

Yamaha Rev 7

Lexicon PCM 70

Electrix filter factory

Adam Monitors

Adam Sub woofer

Recording : Digital set up

Apple Mac Pro Desktop 2x 3Ghz

13GB RAM, ATI Radeon HD5770

Avid Pro-tools HD

3 x Digidesign 192

Digidesign Control  24 Console

Logic X

Behringer Powerplay P16-M 16-channel Digital Personal Mixer system

A plug-in selection including ;

Avid, Wave , Focurite , Api , Universal Audio, SPL, Slate Digital, Access, Antares, BFD, Bomb Factory, EMI, Abbey Road etc…













The huge 40SqM live room is fully equipped with,

Samson Tech DB  500a Active speakers
Mackie 1521 Active speakers

Behinger Eurorack Mx3242X


Back line

Ashdown Bass cab 8×10

Ashdown Mag 600 EVO

Gallien-Krueger Guitar Amp Combo

Peavy 60 Guitar Amp Combo

Marchall power 50 Combo

Virus Indigo “Virtual Analog Roadster” Keyboard

Other equipment

Mytek private q Heaphone distribution system – (image)

Beyerdynamic, Sony, StudiosSpares and AKG headphones.

Active and Passive DI boxes

Selected Neutrik cabling

Vocal Reflection Filter