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Set in the serene surroundings of Platts Eyot island (Hampton, West London), we offer a unique recording and rehearsal studio environment.
With three rooms consisting of a Large “live ” room of 35 Sqm , a second recording room of 12 Sqm and a Control room of 20 Sqm all connected, the studio has a unique feel and relaxed vibe perfect for any Band recording of other live set up.

The highly flexible workspace adapts easily to various set up requirements that are easily achieved with individual headphone monitoring direct line of site between the rooms and a video link.

Located on a Thames River Island, the feel is relaxed and away from any hustle and bustle with ample parking and within easy reach of a Mainline train station.

Rehearsal Studio
Our live room (35 sqm) has excellent acoustics, a 16 channel mixer, PA system, vocal mics and stands. Perfect and comfortable for bands, artists and group rehearsals of up to 5 people.
24 hour CCTV monitored storage is available for groups with regular block bookings.
This fantastic space also doubles as a live recording room, fully integrated with the control room next door.
Recording Studio
Adjoining the live room we have a second recording room (12 sqm) and dedicated control room (20 sqm). Each space is fully integrated, offering dedicated headphone mixes throughout.
Our adaptable layout allows us to record groups of any size or setup. We offer flexible and fixed price recording packages.
To discuss, email us anytime at studio@panicbuttonstudios.com.

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Steve is the owner of Panic Button, a project started in 2010. Inspired by vast experience in studios all over the world, Panic Button is built to feel like a home from home. This is not a sterile studio, but a comfortable space to work and enjoy the recording experience
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With Multi Platinum album sales, various number one albums, Latin Grammy awards, and a string of successful projects either as a Recording Engineer, Mixing or Production, there is a vast amount of experience to be drawn upon
With credits including Depeche Mode , The cure, Paul McCartney, Suzan Vega , Tears for Fears , Amplifier, Mr North and Recoil.
More in-depth info can be found at www.Steve-Lyon.com .
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